My life as The Detective Comics

Bronze Age Batgirl

Karen bats.jpg

Traveling along side with

Adam West and Burt Ward

as Batman and Robin.

The Never Before Told Story of "Batdriven West" is about the fascinating life of Karen Whitfield when she met Burt Ward in 1977 and traveled as the Detective Comics Batgirl with Burt, Adam West, and the Caped Crusaders from 1978 to 1984. She was just twenty years old and moved from North Carolina to California. She tells her story of what it was like to get to know the Dynamic Duo in and out of their Superhero identities. 

She lived a fairy tale life with Superheroes, Actors, and Actresses. She finally had the heart's desire to tell about the fascinating and incredible journey that helped create who she is today but yet why she hung up her cape and cowl until thirty-five years later.


"In 1978, I started traveling with Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) as the living incarnation Batgirl of the Batman animated TV shows and Detective Comics Bronze Batgirl. They were fun-filled days meeting and talking with Bat fans. Join my adventures in my new book, Batdriven West"