LEGENDARY Spider-Man is an INSTANT CLASSIC.  The suit is PERFECTION IN BLUE and RED.   The mixed media is well executed and the magnetic eyes and chest emblem are SMART and EASY to use without fear of damaging the fabric suit.  The HEAVY base makes this a Solid foundation to any Spider-Man collection.

Everyone’s favourite wall-crawler measures an impressive 24” tall in 1:2 scale, perched atop a polystone New York building base.  A single spiderweb wraps the base to warn criminals that this is Spidey’s neighbourhood.

has a custom-tailored fabric costume in his classic red and blue colour scheme. These spider-threads are intricately detailed with added dimension details, including printed musculature and raised black webbing that gives this Spider-Man a dynamic realism. His suit also includes a raised black spider-symbol on the chest and a red spider-symbol on the back.

The Spider-Man Legendary Scale Statue also includes swappable eye lenses, allowing you to display the web-head with both modern and classic mask looks, or use one of each to create a more aggressive expression.

This is LEGENDARY ART and a clear 10 out of 10 Catnips.

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