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This sideshow Bane statue is the very first Sideshow piece I've collected. The Nightfall story line was how I got back into collecting, so when Sideshow announced they were coming out with this statue I had to get it and add it to my collection. Man, it is a beast. When you see this piece of course you note its size but when you get closer, the detail is impressive. Every time I look at it I notice something new… they did a great job with the base, great coloring to make it look weathered. They did a great job sculpting on the base so that you see every nook and cranny. As you move up to his boots the detailing they did makes them look battle damaged, reflecting his history before he reaching Gotham.

Bane's pants are fabric and the paint job looks fantastic. They to appear weathered. The time and work it must have taken to get everything perfect on that belt is mind blowing. His muscles are chiseled - like, his muscles have muscles! And they did  a great job bringing out the veins in his arms, the coloring and texture is great. His hands are magnetic and what a job they did with his hands! I think the best part of it is the discoloring on his finger nails and his fingers. The wrist strap where he pumps the venom is also magnetic and parts of this venom tube is as well. Leading up to his back of his neck and the paint job they did with the discoloring on his back is well done.

It comes with a head swap that mimics the animated series Bane but I never put that on - the nightfall head is just too cool. If there's one complaint about the statue i have,  it is that venom tube doesn't glow in the dark.  I think it would make the figure pop seeing the green glow, like the venom is pulsing going to his head! It is a great price and a must have for Batman fans. Definitely a grail list item

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