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Reviewed by Guild Member @naranjo4041 

Here is my review of the Hot Toys Arkham Origins Deathstroke. It was breathtaking seeing this figure for the first time when taking it out of the box. I have to say, this figure is just as good as any statue from Prime One or Sideshow. It is a beast! If you look closely at the battle damage on his armor is skillfully sculpted and it really gives us the sense that Deathstroke has been though a lot of wars. The paint job is amazing - a job well done on the weathering on this figure.

His tassels can be adjusted to to make it look like its blowing in thewind but what really got me is that the shot gun shells on his arm can be removed if you want. Not that I would but it is awesome detail. Good job Hot Toys! His weapons are weathered as well with a gun metal gray. It has a really nice realistic feel and gives it a bad ass look. The utility belt is made of nylon as is the rest of this of the pouches on his body. The statue comes with a really nice stand. The art on the box is also amazing.

The articulation is good - not flimsy. It's very solid, not like the brands of figures which are cool but sometimes feel like they are over articulated. This is the beauty of the Hot Toys figures - they are able to be positioned however you like, without losing their solid frame. I have no complaints about the Hot Toys Arkham Origins Deathstroke figure whatsoever - it is a must have in your collection.  

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