Started in 1998, Funko has been making  small-scale representations of our favorite movies, TV shows,

or video games.

Designed for "Pop Culture" nostalgia, their Pop! toys adorn million of desks and have inspired a devout following.


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Batman Begins Batman and Commissioner Gordon Light Up Funko Pop Movie Moment

Stay until the end for a look at the light up.

I've been waiting for this one for a long time! Some hot takes are coming. Batman Begins is my favorite of The Dark Knight Trilogy. So getting this Batman Begins moment is very awesome and IT LIGHTS UP!!!! love these light up pops. We also got the first Commissioner Gordon pop with this.

Target Exclusive Batman 80th Anniversary Batman 1989 Funko Pop

This may be in the top 3 for pops of the year for me. The common is great but this fighting pose is amazing. Love the cape. Looks like I came straight from the ally fight or the fight at the end. If it had battle damage it might be pop of the year. This just came out to so I had to get it posted for you guys. What do you think!?

PX Exclusive Batman 80th Anniversary Batman Damned Funko Pop

Funko is still killing it with these Batman pops. This one is a newer suit but definitely worth including. Sculpt was done very well. The one awkward thing is the left arm. I get they were trying to go with a punch pose but he just has his arm lifted straight up instead of if he was going to punch someone.

Captain Marvel Funko Pop

From the moment I saw this I knew it had to be a pop and while I wanted it to glow, I understand why it doesnt. It would be damn near impossible to get all those lines to glow and it would probably not look that good but oh well. Still looks great!

Walgreens Exclusive Spider-Man

Future Foundation Funko Pop

Such an awesome looking pop. It's a testament to the suit design but the black on white looks so good! Pose is great too. Another plus is that it wasnt too hard to get.

Marvel Collector Corps Loki Funko Pop

This box was one of the best boxes in a long time and I generally like all the boxes. The pack in stuff, sticker, pin, and shirt were great and the pops are incredible. Giving us comic versions of two fan favorite villains was brilliant. Anytime funko gives us a Loki pop with the helmet is great.

NYCC Exclusive Huntress Funko Pop

Finally we get a Huntress Pop!!! Seriously funko give us more DC characters other than Batman and Harley Quinn. I love Batman but DC is more than Batman and Marvel is over here getting all the pops for the most obscure stuff. So please @originalfunko, more DC characters please.

When Funko does give us DC pops though they are fantastic. Outfit is great! Crossbow looks awesome, love that the bolt is painted. And the headsculpt is amazing!

Target Exclusive Batman 80th Anniversary Red Card Batman Funko Pop

So if these kinds of paint jobs were to replace chrome pops I would be completely ok with that. This candy paint job is fantastic! I may be somewhat bias though since I'm somewhat of a car guy as well haha same Batman mold as a couple years ago but that's ok. Remember how many different Batman pops using the OG mold?

PX Exclusive Nova Funko Pop

Stay until the end for a look at the glow.
#gitdpopchallenge  Not only does this pop look amazing but it's also a low key glow in the dark pop. No mention of it on the announcement or on the box and while its minimal it very effective. One of the best looking marvel pops in a while in my opinion.

FYE Exclusive Lilo and Stitch Halloween Stitch Funko Pop

If they could keep doing all the costumes from the end credits that would be great! I'd also be ok with a moment of the cover. I recently found out that some people dont like Lilo and Stitch and it kind of blew my mind.

Pop looks great. The cloak really is awesome and I love that they included the pumpkin.

Game Stop Exclusive DC Collection By Jim Lee Wonder Woman Funko Pop Deluxe

I do love this mold a lot! So much detail and implied motion. I will say that I like the color version better. She kind of needs those bright colors.

Game Stop Exclusive DC Collection by Jim Lee Black and White The Flash Funko Pop Deluxe

I really like these black and whites and the shirts that come with them but I think the Aquaman b&w is still my favorite. This is great but it looses something with the lightning not having any color.

PX Exclusive Batman 80th Anniversary Red Death Funko Pop

I did an interview with the @gastlecast at the beginning of the year and said that I hoped they would make this pop and here it is and I cant believe how amazing it is!
Pose is great, sculpt is great, paint is great, lightning is great! I'm still in shock that this was made! I didnt think it would happen. Would be awesome to get a gold variant.

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